aweburn Design and Multimedia - Interactive Multimedia Development, Web Design and Development, Graphic Design and Layout.

CD-ROM and DVD Services

Our knowledge of video, interface design and visual design naturally lead us into the area of DVD authoring. We truly are a "multimedia" company, and handle all aspects of digital media — high-quality DVD authoring included.

As well as developing the content for your interactive CD-ROM and DVD, and designing your print and packaging, aweburn can

Corporate CDs
We're offering our custom designed corporate CD package to help you get your message read!

Dynamic Presentations
Why not let aweburn Design and Multimedia assist you in designing a dynamic and intriguing presentation.

With our proven track record in high-octane offerings we can create the buzz that your competitors will envy.

Conference CDs
Let aweburn Design and Multimedia create a Conference CD-ROM that propagates all of your printed material to CD-ROM.

handle all of your duplication needs. Whether you're looking for a thousand replicated DVD-5s or fifty duplicated CD-Rs we can get it done for you

High-quality cost-effective CD-ROM/DVD duplication, CD-R/DVD-R replication, offset and digital printing, and plastic or paper disc packaging all make aweburn your one-stop shop for CD-ROM and DVD.