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Graphic Design and Layout

Beyond natural creative talent, our years of experience in the many diverse areas of design make aweburn uniquely qualified to handle all of your graphic design needs.

When designing a logo or a corporate look, not only should it look good and accurately represent the company, product, service and/or individual, but it should also be usable in the many different mediums of

Corporate CDs
We're offering our custom designed corporate CD package to help you get your message read!

Dynamic Presentations
Why not let aweburn Design and Multimedia assist you in designing a dynamic and intriguing presentation.

With our proven track record in high-octane offerings we can create the buzz that your competitors will envy.

Conference CDs
Let aweburn Design and Multimedia create a Conference CD-ROM that propagates all of your printed material to CD-ROM.

Whether aweburn is branding your company or simply designing the box for your new software you're getting more than creative, professional, great-looking design — you're also getting our experience and expertise, ensuring that your design works wherever it needs to look good.

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media — Will it work in the top corner of a letterhead? Will it look right printed in black and white? Can it be converted to Pantone colours if necessary? Is it still clear at 72ppi in a web site header? All of these considerations are key elements of any good design.

When designing a system interface it should be engaging, visually appealing and intuitive to follow. If the interface is to be included on DVD it's important to ensure the menu is colour-safe, it fits into the television-safe areas, and the text is large enough to be legible — if it's going into an interactive CD-ROM we make sure it'll work in different monitor resolutions, on different platforms, with different colour-palettes...