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Interactive Multimedia

Maybe your business needs to distribute PDFs on CD-ROM to clients, perhaps you need this CD-ROM to automatically
custom-fill and save documents, letters, or worksheets to the end-user's computer, or maybe you need all that as well as
high-quality video, animated diagrams, inspiring background music and live connectivity to your online database and user accounts.

Corporate CDs
We're offering our custom designed corporate CD package to help you get your message read!

Dynamic Presentations
Why not let aweburn Design and Multimedia assist you in designing a dynamic and intriguing presentation.

With our proven track record in high-octane offerings we can create the buzz that your competitors will envy.

Conference CDs
Let aweburn Design and Multimedia create a Conference CD-ROM that propagates all of your printed material to CD-ROM.

you so that you can improve the quality of your learning program.

These are just a few of the things that we can do for you. Not only can we handle the functionality, programming, and application development, but we’ll also make it look good — intuitive navigation, appealing professional design... aweburn delivers the whole package.

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Perhaps you need something for a museum — an information kiosk that runs automatically, informing your visitors of upcoming events, or the weather forecast — maybe you want to be able to update this information yourself using something as simple as PowerPoint... maybe you need animated dinosaur footprints projected across a large fossil bed you have on display.

Or maybe you'd like to develop a distance education program — instructional video, tutorials, diagrams, examinations — perhaps you'd like to distribute this on CD-ROM and link it to work dynamically with your website, automatically checking online for updates, reporting usage statistics back to