aweburn Design and Multimedia - Interactive Multimedia Development, Web Design and Development, Graphic Design and Layout.

About Us

aweburn Design and Multimedia is a multi-faceted design company created in 2008 by the merger of Digital Interactive and FuseBrain, two multimedia companies that had been working together in partnership for a number of years.

aweburn offers a wide range of services in the area of Interactive Multimedia Development and Design. With over twenty years experience in the area of New Media and Digital Communications, our goal is to provide custom solutions tailored to individual needs. We strive on working with our clients to understand their needs and

Corporate CDs
We're offering our custom designed corporate CD package to help you get your message read!

Dynamic Presentations
Why not let aweburn Design and Multimedia assist you in designing a dynamic and intriguing presentation.

With our proven track record in high-octane offerings we can create the buzz that your competitors will envy.

Conference CDs
Let aweburn Design and Multimedia create a Conference CD-ROM that propagates all of your printed material to CD-ROM.


assess their requirements. We will undertake or assist in the review, development, and production of any or all of their project needs. We have a diverse and versatile team of specialists who pride themselves in delivering quality solutions to satisfied clients.

aweburn is proud of the work we undertake. We have a strong sense of design integrity, excellence, and quality in all our undertakings. Our commitment to each project is an extension of our reputation.